Path to involvement


So I'm a paediatric endocrinologist, I did my fellowship training in [name], in the United States. And while I was there I did some work in the paediatric obesity clinic. I had an interest in working with families who have children with obesity, clinically and from a research perspective. And while I was in that clinical program it became very clear to me that we weren't really engaging families in any of our program design of different elements. And in paediatric obesity or paediatric weight management is the terminology usually is used, there's generally a high drop-off rate. And part of the work I had done there was a quality improvement project to develop an initiative to reduce dropout rates by better orienting patients and families to the clinic, the different components of it and the different service offerings within the clinic. When I was recruited to come to [name] I had the opportunity to design a paediatric weight management program from the ground up. And we had some guidance and framework from our Ministry of Health and some of the lead paediatric obesity researchers across Canada. But it was a brand new clinical program, new initiative starting from absolutely zero. 

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