Role determination


Yeah, it’s kind of a hybrid, it’s kind of all over the place. I mean, I’ve found – and that kind of can be a challenging thing if you're new to this and you haven't really figured it out. If things are almost too nebulous and you're new to being a patient partner, it can be really tough, you know 

Yeah, yeah, because it’s, like, if you're new to it and then they also – maybe they're too open and that can be tough to navigate, and everyone’s comfortable in varied degrees of abstractness and things, right. But I think now, like, I find for a lot of the projects that we get involved in, it’s fairly clear, or I can influence it to the level I want, but I'm comfortable doing that now. Like I said, if you were someone who’s just starting too, that would be tough, I think.                 

And sometimes, you know, I encountered that, especially earlier on, you see how some researchers are maybe more open to others. So I’d have to go after them sometimes and be, like, well, can I see the grant, I don’t want to just provide a letter of support if I haven't really understood it, or had input into it in some way. I mean, depending on the role they want me to play in it as well, so I guess those early experiences kind of taught me where I should be involved [laughs], and ask the right questions. But it’s not always easy, right. 

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