Supports needed


Well, I guess one thing would be, how to understand, how to read, interpret and … not a statistics course, but more training that would say, look where the focus is, look where the discrepancies are, look where there may be questions that aren’t answered or were never even asked, look for the omissions. So, that kind of training I think would be quite valuable for anyone wanting to get involved, because I think that was, even though my background is academic and I am to a certain extent familiar with reading research and analysing and those sorts of things, but it’s definitely something that is really important, and shouldn’t put people off. It’s got to be sufficient training to make people feel confident, a certain amount of self-efficacy for I can do this, because they’ve gone through it a few times with their hand held, in a training situation, and then they can feel confident that they can do that.

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