First symptoms


I guess I first noticed a small lump on my breast myself. I was fairly young at the time. It was a couple of years before my diagnosis that I noticed a lump. And the first doctor I showed it to wasn’t concerned at all. He said, “You’re young,” and at the time I had had an ectopic pregnancy. So he had said maybe with hormonal changes with the pregnancy and my body going back to normal, it was changing, my breast tissue was changing, and he said to check it again in a couple of months. And in a couple of months it seemed to have changed or maybe I wanted it to have gone away, but it was still there. So then I had a friend who had a lump on her breast and I left her one night, her and her husband, and they were quite concerned about the lump on her breast. So when I went home, I talked to my husband about her reaction. I said, “You know, my friend is reacting with a lot of worry about this little lump and she’s young too and she seems to think there might be something to it.” So he said, “Yes Joanne, I think you should be worried as well.” So it was actually my husband who pushed me go get it checked again.

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