Welcome by Dr. Susan Law

Dr. Susan Law, the team lead for the Health Experiences research group in Canada, speaks about the initiative and what you can expect when you visit the website.

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Here we present collections of people’s experiences as patients or caregivers living with different health problems, based on interviews with our research team using audio/video recording, and organized by the topics that mattered to them

Caring for a relative or a close friend can have a wide range of impacts on the caregivers. For this module we interviewed 39 people who cared for someone with a chronic physical illness.

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We interviewed 35 women across Canada to hear about their experiences with breast cancer. They told us about their experiences including the good moments along with the challenges they encountered.

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We interviewed 6 new immigrants and 2 migrants without status about living with anxiety and depression in Canada, as well as 10 professionals caring for the emotional well-being of new immigrants. We created a short introductory film and 2 longer films that capture their experiences and perspectives.

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Work in Progress

We have a number of projects in progress. Click on each title below to find out more and see where you can get involved.