Nadia A


Recently diagnosed

Phase of treatment: In treatment
Age at interview: 75

Nadia (75 years old) was born in Trinidad but has lived in Canada for over 50 years. She has two children and three grandchildren and lives with her son.

Nadia was just diagnosed with breast cancer 1 week ago. She found the lump herself while she was in the shower. Shortly after her discovery she had to go to the emergency department for another health issue and was admitted to the hospital. There, the doctors discovered her lump and made sure she was tested while she was in the hospital. In this short period since her diagnosis, Nadia has had to make many changes and decisions. For example, at first, it was impossible for her to use the word breast cancer and it is only after a full week that she has been able to say these kind of words. She has informed her closest family members but doesn’t want any friends or other people to know about her disease at the moment. Once her breast has been removed she feels things can return back to ‘normal’. Her daughter, who works in a hospital, has been indispensable in helping her to understand the diagnosis and guide her through the health care system.


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