Experiences of living with an amputation

We interviewed ten patients who had lived with an amputation in Quebec and eight professionals working with amputees in intensive functional rehabilitation. The data from the interviews were analyzed to highlight the main themes. Among the themes or topics identified, there are experiences related to the origin of the amputation; the impact on the personality; the vision of life, health and learning; the information, perspectives and choices available; the evolution of physical and psychological symptoms; the suitability of the prosthesis; the body image and the public gaze; and the relationship with peers and the health system. We produced a long film reflecting the experience and views of all interviewed patients and professionals on the themes in question, and 18 shorter sequences revealing the insights of each of these participants.


Trigger Film

Full length trigger film (3 hours) featuring a consolidated view of all participants. Available in both English and French.

Trigger Film - FR
Individual interviews (2 to 18 minutes) of each participant including patients and professionals.