Health Experiences Canada Hosted Annual Scientific meeting for our International Collaboration

Dr. Susan Law and colleagues from our health experiences team were delighted to host the annual meeting of all DIPEx International collaborators (see: October 4-7, 2017 at Mont Gabriel ski resort. At these meetings we hold our board and annual general meetings, and share insights on all aspects of our work within and across participating countries. This year, we were delighted to welcome about 40 scientists and students from 10 countries: Australia, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Norway, Israel, Germany, Japan, Spain and Canada.

Participating from the Canadian team of researchers, students, and advisors were: Susan Law, Ilja Ormel, David Wright, Stephanie Babinski, Joel Montanez, Mona Magalhaes, Kathleen Charlebois, Seema Marwaha, Mary Ellen Macdonald and Susan Cadell.

Dipex international group picture