Immigrant Mental Health

mental health

Our health experiences team is working to secure funds so that all of our materials will, one day,  be available in English, French, and, eventually, other languages. In the meantime, our YouTube clips offer an auto-generated closed captions feature which may or may not be wholly accurate. Thank you for your understanding. 


We interviewed six new immigrants and two migrants without status about living with anxiety and depression in Canada, as well as 10 professionals with experience of caring for the emotional well-being of new immigrants. We created a short introductory film and two longer films with English and French translations that feature their experiences and perspectives.

In these films, 18 people share their lived experiences with mental health problems as patients or professionals. The immigrants and migrants who participated in this project are new to Canada, having arrived from countries such as Egypt, Britain, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Jamaica and Israel. They speak a variety of languages including Urdu, Vietnamese, Spanish, French or English. 

Listen to their experiences of what it is like to be new to Canada while living with anxiety and depression.

This module on mental health in Canada is based on research by the Canadian Health Experiences Research Group.



Date published: February 2018