Support from family and friends


I met someone who became very special to me. I was dating someone and that, in my lifetime, it has not occurred very often—that I became very interested and attached or went out with someone—and I was very happy. And he lived close by and he actually cared for his mother and we got along very well and… Well again, like she said, “You’re abandoning your mother.” And everything I did that didn’t concern our mother, or caring for her, or the house was considered selfish or abandoning. And anything I did was never good enough. Like, she would say, “Is mom eating well?” And I said, “Well, I buy the groceries. I make the food. I can’t force feed her. She’s eating like she’s eating.” And she said, “Well, I think mom is losing weight.” And I said, “Well, if you don’t like what I’m making or she doesn’t, why don’t you do it?”

And she said, “I will. I’m going to come once a week and make a nice dinner for mom.” And that was in 2007. In 2011, I was still waiting for her to come and make dinner, not only once a week, but once.

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