Providing support


But as she gets less autonomous and more fragile that changes, where there’s a lot more demands on me every day concretely. Just the managing of all the appointments and the doctors and the follow-ups, and there’s a lot. It just it takes a lot of time and none of those things alone in and of themselves are so difficult; it’s not so difficult to help someone dry your toes after a shower, it’s not the end of the world but it’s the accumulation of all those things. And there’s always ‘got to be on,’ ‘got to do this,’ ‘got to do that,’ and it’s like I feel guilty for being annoyed sometimes because I know she can’t open a jar. She’s just called me, she’s having difficulty with that, she’s asking me to help with that. All these little things, they’re all reasonable but it’s an accumulation of stuff I have to do and take care of all the time.

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