Impact on professional life and career

It was in 2007, January 2007. And so, I was working two days per week, and was on sick leave three days per week. That worked for me and in that context, I asked for pre-retirement. It was about 32 years… I was in my thirty-second year of work at the hospital. So, at that moment, I made a request for pre-retirement, which according to the documents was like one year. So you make you request, and next there is a delay. Then they accept, then it is for a year, then after that you can take your retirement.

And so, it was about February that I made my request, and in March I received a response that said, “Okay, listen. We accept your request… ” given that, at that time, I was 55 years old. “You can take your retirement. You don’t have to follow the whole process, and if you want, you could take your retirement on December 10, 2007.” “Ah!” I said, “Well, that better than I thought.” So, I was… I no longer had the desire to work, I no longer had the motivation… The work was no longer motivating me and personally I was like lost and searching for myself. And, I was no longer well.

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