Becoming a caregiver


My husband started to have difficulty dragging a foot. He started to show symptoms in terms of writing; did not know what it was. So we went the path of going to the doctor, who sent us for further tests; sent us to a neurologist. One of my horror memories is that the neurologist diagnosed my husband over the phone. My husband called him and asked him—now my husband did pressure him—and [the neurologist] said, “Well, you come in and we’ll talk about it.” But, in the end, he did tell him the diagnosis of MS over the phone. And because his personality was suggestive, I saw the deterioration within 5 minutes. He had been on the phone, he had walked and all of a sudden, he couldn’t master things that he had done just a few minutes ago. So obviously it’s a pet peeve of mine that that should never be done to anybody.

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