Interaction with professionals

The doctor we dealt with when my husband was first diagnosed, he gave my husband a name of [a diagnosis called neuritis] that he could say he had, and I felt that he was wrong. And I confronted the doctor, and the doctor said “I can’t go into it with you without him.” And I was concerned that it was something worse than what he was describing as an illness. So, he said “Then, I have to meet with both of you.” So, he told us that he believed it was MS, and the reason why he didn’t tell my husband that was because of what he thought his reaction would be. And he was right. It’s almost an instant reaction. He’s going to go downhill quickly. He’s been diagnosed with this chronic illness and it’s going to affect a lot of things. And he was like that. When he got a cold, it was the MS. When he got a sore toe, it was the MS. It was all blamed on the illness no matter what it was, even though it wasn’t related to the illness. So, I understood that part of it. That was just his regular doctor.

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