Immigrant Mental Health

Immigrant mental health

We interviewed 6 new immigrants and 2 migrants without status about living with anxiety and depression in Canada, as well as 10 professionals caring for the emotional well-being of new immigrants. We created a short introductory film and 2 longer films that capture their experiences and perspectives.

In these short films, 18 people share their lived experiences with mental health as patients or professionals. Participants newly arrived to Canada came from Egypt, Britain, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Jamaica and Israel. They speak in Urdu, Vietnamese, Spanish, French or English. The voices you will hear are those of new immigrants, migrants without status, psychiatrists, psychologists, an administrator in a local constituency office, a social worker, a kinesiologist, a family doctor, and a lawyer. They all speak about what it is like to live with anxiety and depression in Canada when you are still new to this country.