Coping strategies – Amanda


Amanda felt extremely well supported by her partner and family members. This helped her avoid getting caught up in thinking about worst case scenarios.


My partner he’s just ultra-positive. He’s the most positive, so positive to the point where it’s “Are you serious? This actually sucks, there are bad things happening here too.” But it’s okay. He’s really upbeat and optimistic and fun and he looks at the best case scenario and is really big on not letting your mind wander onto the “what ifs” which it happens sometimes. The “what ifs” and what about all these bad circumstances that could potentially arise in the next however many years. But it’s best not to think about it. It’s best for your mental health to not think about the “what ifs” until they’re real. And he’s really good at that, and my parents and my brother … everyone’s ultra supportive.

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