Testing and diagnosis – Annie


When Annie heard she needed a follow-up she underwent most testing within a day in a private clinic.


It is not often that a doctor tells you that he is worried. So I panicked a little bit. I thought that I had insurance so I went to a private clinic and I got an appointment right away, three days after. On Monday morning, I spent the whole day doing tests. First it was supposed to be only a breast ultrasound, but finally while doing the examination, the surgeon decided that a mammogram and a biopsy would be done. So I was thinking that things were not looking good. Specially that during the weekend I had looked on the Internet to see what they were saying about the inflammatory cancer. In French there was nothing much, but in English there was a little bit, but it was stating that it was fast, aggressive and deadly. So I was a little discouraged especially since the doctor at the private clinic thought that it was metastatic and consequently that I was too late.

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