Physical activity and diet changes – Carol


Carol sometimes found it hard to maintain a healthy diet, especially with kids and while feeling tired.


Yes, I did a lot of research on that too. I actually had tried to stop eating meat and I did for probably about 2 months but it was really hard when I was doing the chemo. Once I started the chemo, it was really hard because I was always nauseous, and it was hard to get the right proteins and stuff that would last long and so I wasn’t able to keep that up. But, on the Internet, there’s a lot of research from pretty respective areas that say that maybe red meat might not be the best to eat, so I try to stick to chicken and fish etc. I’m a little healthier, it’s hard with kids, but not as much sugar, not as much white flour, refined flours and stuff like that. But everything feels like it takes an extra effort to do.It feels like you’re in a pool and you’re walking, but the steps are really hard, and to swing your arms under water is that much harder and that’s what it feels like a lot of times. That everything is weighted down, so to do anything, takes more effort than it would normally.

I feel like I’m on a path. I don’t know if I’ve changed very much yet. I’m determined to live a healthier active lifestyle. If you do some reading, they say, keeping your optimal weight, keeping active are two big, big things in lowering the risk of having the cancer come back. I’m not living that as much as I would like right now, but, I would like to think that’s the chemo that’s preventing me, but we’ll see. Hopefully I will change my life in that way for the better.

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