Sexuality, femininity and intimacy – Debbra


Debbra was keenly aware of this loss and wished that there had been more opportunity to discuss the issue of intimacy after surgery.


I think that more needs to be done in terms of working with the couple for the intimacy factor and stuff like that. I know I never had any discussions about it with my GP (General Practitioner) or anything like that. I think it’s something… where do you go and talk about this stuff? There’s really not a lot that’s said. You’re on drugs that dry all your estrogen which means that you know you have a whole bunch of other things that are happening. Your arousal, all that other stuff doesn’t happen and you still want to be… you might want to be but you also don’t feel attractive. You’ve lost your hair, I didn’t really feel very attractive being bald and there’s no hair anywhere. That part, I think is hard for them, because not only are they losing parts of their wife they’re losing the intimacy factor. And maybe other couples are different and they manage around it differently but I know that was a struggle.

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