Coping strategies – Donna


Donna shared a story about an incident that could have been embarrassing but she chose to see as funny.


I was in the store one day, I was in the drugstore with my daughter and because I didn’t have any feeling in my fingers I drop things, right. So I got my wallet out and it fell to the floor and I bent over to pick it up and my wig flipped off. And I stood up and just the look on the person’s face that was standing behind me. They were just in shock it was so those kind of things are very, very funny.

Interviewer: Well it’s wonderful that you can laugh.

Well what are you going to do, right? So it’s just realizing that it’s the reality. It’s the very real situations that you get in and you can cry and feel sorry for yourself if you want and if you do that good for you. You deserve to be able to do that but you know what? You can also laugh about it afterwards because some of it is just absurd.

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