Surgery – Gaye


Even though the surgeon advised Gaye to have a double mastectomy, Gaye felt a single was enough.


I had a TRAM flap*(Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle Flap) and what they did, I’m not sure if you know what that is, that’s when they removed your (a muscle from your) stomach and they put it into your breast and Dr. (name) did that and he was excellent. Before that I saw Dr. (name), I saw another Dr. I was very disappointed with him because when he had checked looked at me he told me that I was getting older and saggier and my breasts were drooping and I’d probably get cancer in my other breast, so I may as well have a double mastectomy. I told him I wasn’t that vain and I left. I asked to see another doctor and then I went to Dr. (name). Dr. (name) was absolutely wonderful, he came to see me every day in the hospital and a couple times a day. He was very attentive, very good and I was quite happy to have him. One of the nurses asked me why I would go through all that at once and I told her that I liked to flash the girls at work and I needed a set. I don’t know if she thought that was funny or not but we that’s just me.

The sad thing is that I know a lot of women, younger women who have had a double mastectomy and when I’ve asked them they have said “Oh! I don’t want to get cancer in my other breast.” I think that was put there by a doctor and I don’t think that they should be fear mongering and it’s too bad that they do. I understand they’re doing, as far, as I’m concerned, they’re doing it because they get paid for two mastectomies, not one. Or it’s, they’re on the table, they just want to do it so that then this person won’t be back again to have the other one done and it’s too bad. It’s too bad that a lot of women are waiting for mastectomies and they haven’t been able to have them yet.

* TRAM flap: A section of the lower belly containing blood vessels, skin, fat and muscle is cut and used for breast reconstruction.

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