Coping strategies – Ginette


Ginette recounted an incident where it felt, to her, like God had connected her with the help she needed at the time.


Ginette: Well I must also say that I am a religious person and at some point in time, it must have been a year and a half for sure, that I was always into this, and then it was the radiotherapy, and in radiotherapy the staff was amazing! (It is at the hospital), the radiotherapy, fantastic! Compassionate! Really…

Oh yeah! I was saying that I am a religious person. Then I had been around all the resources that I could have within a year and a half, may be two years. I am saying a year and a half, may be 2 years. So I am the kind of person to say to God: “Listen! It has been almost two years that I am sleeping on my stomach, now you have to do your part. I’ve done all that I could, everything that could be done and see what I look like. Now, I would like you to put someone on my path to at least try to help me heal that wound and be able to move the arm.”

I am that kind of person and two days later I am living here with Janine. Janine gets up and says: “Ginette I don’t feel well this morning. I have an appointment with my doctor, would you drive my car.” I said: “Yes I can drive.” So we go to her clinic and then there was a door in the corner, it was Mr. (name). It was written: “Physiotherapist with osteopathic approach and acupuncturist.” And then there was a click in my head. I said: “Yeah, I think I just did…”.

Janine: It is her answer….

Ginette: I had never heard of this case. So I took and appointment, I went to see the secretary…

Janine: Well, you had never been to that clinic.

Ginette: No, I had never been to that clinic. So I make an appointment for the following week. I went to see that man. I said: “Listen, I don’t know if you can do something for me.” I show him the wound and all that. He said: “Listen, I did have a cancer and I studied at…” I don’t remember if it’s in Europe or the United States “to care for wounds”…

Janine: In Europe.

Ginette: He was exactly the person that I needed.

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