Surgery – Ginette


Ginette was shocked by her doctor’s communication about the need for a mastectomy.


Indeed I was operated a second time, and then, they put staples because this is what had to be done. And when I returned to remove the staples, may be 10-15 days later, then it was really like the ad we see on television. When you fall on your back! I was sitting in a wheelchair because already my health wasn’t too extraordinary and I was… The way I was told, nobody ever talked to me about a total mastectomy. So the surgeon – I will repeat the words as is, it was not very kind, he told me: “Christ! De tabarnak! De calice! There is still some remaining Ms. (name)! It will be total mastectomy!” Then I was completely flabbergasted! Flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe it!

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