Troubling long-term effects of treatment


Ginette: But this is something that people are forgetting! This is difficult because when your chemo and your radiotherapy are over, for your relatives – we don’t talk about cancer anymore, it’s over! You are cured! You had your treatments, all is well! You have to be positive in life! All is well! But in real life, at least for me, that’s not how it works. Because of the after-effects in my mouth, because my treatments are over, it is not automatic that everything is 100% wonderful and that you are cured. You know that you still have 5 years to go.

Janine: But it is still there, in your mouth, anyway. It will always be there.

Ginette: Yes, yes, in my case, yes. But you still have 5 years to go before they tell you: “Well, you are cured.” Whether you want it or not, it’s not an obsession, but it is something that stays on your mind.

Janine: It haunts you.

Ginette: Yeah, that haunts us, yes.

Janine : Yeah, you’re always thinking about it.

Ginette: Yes, this is it, yeah.

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