Endocrine (hormone) therapy


So they decided they wouldn’t give it to me the second time so they put me on that Arimidex for 6 years and there’s no studies on that either. It’s usually  five, and I was on it for six and some doctor came down from (city in Alberta) at the Cancer Clinic and talked to me and he said, “ What treatment?” and he says, “No stop.” He says, “Stop, Yeah don’t take it anymore.” “So okay good for me,” I said because did have a lot of side-effects, you know, diarrhea isn’t pleasant and vomiting and the shakes and the headaches and all sorts of stuff.

Interviewer: How did you manage to continue if you had so many bad side-effects?

I’m very stubborn and you know I thought well, if this is going to stop the cancer from coming back I’ll go through it I just got on with it. It was mainly in the morning when I took it but I was in pain and distress for 6 years. It’s a way of life. You can get used to anything and maybe I was too dumb to go and say I can’t take this anymore but no I just put up with it.

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