Relating to health care professionals


I feel very strongly about that but I feel very strongly that women should have a voice in their treatment. They should know more in everything. They should know and not be afraid to ask the doctors questions. They’re not Gods, they might act like some of them superior but they’re not. No! So they do intimidate people especially when you’re sick. And you don’t want them to be bothered or you’re scared to ask. So I would advise breast cancer, or any cancer patients, to have a family member or good friend always with them so they can hear or tape record it. But always have somebody to say “She doesn’t feel well.” You’re too sick, you want to get somebody else to get in bad with the doctor rather than you get another needle. It’s what I’m saying, you don’t want to piss the doctor off, so you’re not going to ask questions that you think might be irrelevant or whatever. So if you’ve got somebody with you, like a daughter or a friend, to say “Well she has to know.” That’s not afraid to ask.

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