Troubling long-term effects of treatment

When I came back was when I realized that my body is not going back to normal. It’s not going to happen. To this day, 4 years later, I know my body is not normal. I know that and I’ve asked several doctors; I’m released from oncology now, completely, but every time I asked, they told me the same thing. “If you still have those effects now, it’s not going away. That’s not going to get better with time. Joanne, that’s going to stay.” So I have tingling in my hands and feet and my nails are still cracking off all the time. I get this tingling. When I sleep at night, I wake up in the morning and I have to wake my hands and feet up before I get up. The teeth are still really brittle and sensitive and my teeth… several teeth have cracked. I had a really bad one just shortly after chemo. It was that summer when my brother was home. Let’s say it was three or four months after chemotherapy. I am chewing bubble gum. In the summer time I can sit on the deck and read a book, and just blow bubbles for hours and have a ball. Five cent entertainment for 2 hours with double bubble. When I chewed the double bubble, my teeth started cracking.

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