Sexuality, femininity and intimacy


I bought a book. I read another book called Intimacy After Breast Cancer. Because it’s an issue and no one talks about it, it’s a big deal. Part of the reason I feel so sorry for my partner, I was 29, he’s 29. I couldn’t have sex, who wants to have sex with chemo girl, like no one. I tried talking to my doctor about it, but he’s an old man and he doesn’t even... I had to go to a lady to do my pap smear up, at the hospital here. He’s, I don’t think he’s the right person to talk about it and what is somebody going to tell you. I did a little bit of reading, I mean, I did read that book. There’s just a lot of it too, is mental, there’s a huge, when you don’t have breasts, it’s pretty daunting to feel attractive when you have incredible scars. I don’t have... my legs, I have short fat little legs. My legs were not what is attractive about me, it was actually my chest, I had a nice looking chest... cleavage, I don’t have that anymore.

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