Coping strategies – Julia


Julia’s meditation group was a better fit for her needs even though it was not focused on cancer.


I went once but, they were lovely very welcoming. Probably, well the majority seemed to be in their mid 80s and they had known each other for a very long time and had had this group for a very long time. So they were all “Oh we hope you’ll come back.” Because they realized that they were very insular but they were very complete. And it was nothing that did, they were as helpful as they could be to me but I just felt I was coming into a formed group. It was also that they meet on the same night as the mindfulness group and the mindfulness group for me, it was more support, so it was really good.

Interviewer: And that group was not about breast cancer?

No but it’s, it stems out of the mindfulness based stress reduction program, so a lot of people who have done that program come. So there were other people there who had been through breast cancer but there’s people there who are doing, have… are dealing with all kinds of stress whether it’s… who knows what, everything or nothing.

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