Sexuality, femininity and intimacy


My boobs were an important part of my sex life and I miss that one for that reason. In terms of intimacy, erotic reasons, I guess, but other than that, if anything, it’s deepened our relationship. So it’s not an issue, my other breast is different now. I don’t really know what that’s about but, no, I wouldn’t say in the big scheme of things it makes a difference. One way or the other. And I’m not that keen on wearing a prosthesis. I often don’t in the winter and I absolutely don’t when I do yoga or if I’m swimming. I used to, it’s very uncomfortable so to me comfort is, how I feel is much more important than how I look. And (name husband), I always say to him do you mind if I walk around with one boob and he’s like "It’s your body I’m fine whatever you want." So and I think I’m lucky that way because I think a lot of men would not feel the same way.

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