Alternative and complementary therapies


Recently, I began to do more research on this and also to consult by reference because I don’t want to see just anybody. I started seeing an osteopath since last fall. So the fall… I would say November 2014 and I am transparent about it with my oncologist. I believe that even if we are looking for additional services, our medical treating team must be aware of it. I must be careful about what I do and what I take because I am currently undergoing treatment. I cannot start taking all kinds of natural supplements because I am taking medications. There could be all kinds of counter-indications or things that we are not sure of, thus I am being careful. But I met an osteopath that understands my situation and who maybe helps me to control the pain or, you know sometimes, we have pain but it is not related to cancer. When we suffer from cancer the first thing that comes to our mind is “Ah, it is the cancer”. But after undergoing some tests and all that, then we see that’s not it. But we still have pain. You can consult another specialist and see what can be done, and for me, it’s helping right now.


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