Follow-up care and the risk of recurrence

At one point, I had pain in my bones. Aïe, it was painful! It was painful! I said: “I have bone metastases, it’s unbelievable.” And even my friend that died, she had back pain, she was suffering a lot because of that back pain and it was metastases. And before she knew that she had breast cancer… well it is because she went to the hospital because she had back pain. But she underwent tests, a CT scan* (Computerized Axial Tomography Scan) and that is how they found out that she had metastases. So when I had back pain, when I had pelvic pain, when I had… I said: “I have metastases, it is possible! I have metastases, ok.” Well. And it was the effects… I had two bone scans, twice. Twice it was negative because it was the side effects of the medication. And finally last year, they changed my medication because… pfff! It didn’t make much sense…

*CT scan: Body scan that produces cross section images of the body’s internal structures.

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