Perspectives on treatment pathways

Ok, at one point when I saw the oncologist at the hospital, he was talking about the margins. The tumeral margins are high. I had called Info Cancer – we have an anonymous line Info Cancer. “Don’t worry you just finished your chemotherapy. Don’t worry, it’s ok, it’s normal. It goes with it, they will lower.” Well! But as always, it plays a little. I didn’t get back to normal like most people. I was between 4, 4.2, 4.5. At one point I had a resident who went to get the oncologist that I saw. Yeah, but I said: “The margins were never normal!” He told me: “You can have another blood work tomorrow and it can be different.” So, since I had talked about the margins, from this point on they weren’t assessed anymore. It caused me a lot of stress. But now they analyse the liver, the kidneys, the hemoglobin, the platelets, all that, but the margins are not assessed. The tumeral margins in breast cancer – I called Info Cancer and talked with a nurse who told me: “Usually, it is to show that something is not totally normal. It is only an indication. It is not a guarantee that it is going well, and it is not a guarantee that it is not going well either.”

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