Alternative and complementary therapies


I did a phone consultation with a naturopath who had been recommended to me and I had 15 minutes with her by phone and I just kind of needed a different... I just wanted a different perspective. And so, what she had said was she had had really good results with respect to recurrence with certain cancer patients and I asked her about any cancer patients with my particular type of cancer and she said that every one of her patients that had that kind of cancer did the naturopathic therapies or those complementary therapies with her in addition. There weren’t alternative they were actual complementary therapy so in addition to chemotherapy, they did those. So, she also had the opinion that it was a bit tricky and that it was probably a good idea to do the chemotherapy in addition with some of the naturopathic approaches.

But for other complementary therapies, I did Reiki, massage therapy, I did psychotherapy and I still see a psychologist. I think it’s really important to be able to have a sounding board and somebody who’s an independent third party who’s especially familiar with these types of diseases and all of the different kind of facets. Whether it’s the financial implications for some people, whether it’s the familial implications, or anything else it’s a really good chance to be able to kind of get it out and listen to somebody. Because sometimes that can make a huge difference in not only your treatment but in your chances of recurrence moving forward.

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