Sexuality, femininity and intimacy – Melissa


Melissa described the difficulties she and her husband encountered and explained how they worked through them.


With respect to intimacy, I can remember after first telling my husband he didn’t want to touch me. He was very concerned about it spreading from him touching me. Not even in a really intimate way but even at bed. Just at bedtime, going to bed, snuggling or whatever the case may be and he was very concerned about that. And he was just… I kind of had to give him a little bit of a reality check. That kind of isn’t how it worked. With respect to intimacy, it definitely slowed down but it didn’t stop. I didn’t feel like we couldn’t be intimate and he didn’t after a certain point, he kind of got used to everything. He wasn’t, there wasn’t any kind of hesitance. Sometimes from the chemo, it just didn’t happen as often. I was really tired and, or maybe just not necessarily in that frame of mind, because I was like convalescing.

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