How it affects family and friends – Nadia A


Nadia (A)'s best friends do not know she has breast cancer. She wants to keep things normal.


(I think) they would look at me differently and maybe talk among themselves “Look at [name participant].” My name is [name participant], “She’s living with one breast I wonder what happened, why? How is she doing? What is going on?” And sometimes we meet certain places to have coffee, tea or what and maybe that wouldn’t happen anymore because they might look at me differently since I lost a breast. This is how I feel, I’m telling how I feel.

This is how I feel. Once my friends don’t know anything, it’s better for me. Because even when I’m dressed and going out they wouldn’t see anything. By the way I dress, they wouldn’t see any breast missing. So this is how I feel; it’s better if they don’t know.

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