Relating to health care professionals – Nadia A (2)


Nadia (A) speaks about her encounter where she was uncomfortable but encouraged the students to participate


When I went in, the doctor examined and she had two students. They examined me too, she let them there was one Indian doctor, who was an intern I think, and another one, a white one. And they did… they asked me can, I touch and I said “Yes you are all learning the job so it’s okay.” So I was on the table and they touched and whatnot. But, they were a bit shy. They’re young. I say “No, it’s okay, you go ahead, this is part of your job.” Then the doctor, she told me “Really it’s cancer”. And I said “Okay” Because, I had a thing before in my brain. Maybe it’s cancer from the lump, for myself. I tell myself maybe that’s what they call cancer. I didn’t know exactly because a lump, they were asking me if I see any discharge from my nipples; nothing at all, nothing at all.

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