Surgery – Nadia A


Nadia (A) speaks about her fears and possible surgery just after she discovered the lump.


I’m so scared, whenever I hear about surgery, I’m scared and also having the breast removed. But I think to myself now the best thing for me is to get it removed because I’m very afraid for it to spread into my body.

Interviewer: Is the fact that your body is changing, is that affecting you a lot? That the breast will be taken off?

It affects me a little bit but now that I’m getting to realize well it’s, no I don’t need to have that there. It’s best to take it off and get rid of it and I’ll continue living a normal life with maybe one breast. I hope the other breast doesn’t get it but no, no it’s not bothering me, I just want to get it off, get it over with and done.

But now, I feel yes it’s positive. I should take it off and get it over with and done as I said before; and get it over with and done that’s the positive side I have really. Just do it, get it, it doesn’t matter what happens get it over with and done. It’s there, it has to get out, I just don’t want to keep it and die, if I have another 10 or 15 years again. Let me get this thing out that’s my positive thing. Sometimes now, I don’t worry about it. I say look, it has to be out, just leave it. When the time comes whatever happens. This is my thing now.

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