Coping strategies – Nadia B


Nadia (B) had an encounter with a trusted family doctor; it made her feel less vulnerable and watched over as she was waiting for her surgery.


I’m a very spiritual person so during the time that this whole thing happened, it was very scary. I just prayed a lot. I meditated a lot, gave me a lot of strength. There was a real miracle that I felt that happened to me during surgery. Two days before my surgery I wanted to see my previous doctor. She had been our doctor for almost 30 years, Dr. (name) and she was a wonderful doctor. She looked after my kids, she literally, she would touch my kids and they would get well just like that. She was an excellent doctor. I told my husband, I said “I really need to talk to her, I’m not comfortable with our new family doctor.” And he says “Where are we going to find her.” But then I heard that she had gone into surgery. So then so I said “You know what, now I’m just going to leave it in the hands of God whatever’s going to happen will happen.” So on the day of the surgery I’m sitting over there and I’m saying to God, I said “Please Allah help me, give me a sign where I know that you are right near me.” All of a sudden my husband is telling me there’s Dr. (name) right there.

So I, we both run to her and she says “Oh how are you doing?” She knew my kids she knew them by their names and she was very, very close to both my children. And she says “How are the munchkins?” I said “Everybody’s fine.” She said Nadia I’ve heard about you and I’m going to be in your surgery. So that was a miracle and I knew God had answered my prayers. So she held my hand and she told me “Don’t worry Dr. (name) is an excellent surgeon. You will not have a problem at all, at all, at all.” So during the whole situation that I’ve been through it’s been as though somebody’s been there looking after me step by step all the way.

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