Finding and sharing information


So my niece she, was as I told you, she’s a smart girl. She got me through this thing and I would talk to her for hours. She would send me links. She would say "You know Nadia look at these links read about it make sure you know when you go to the doctor what they’re talking about so be prepared before you go there". And my husband was there too. My mind was going crazy, I was so scared with this whole thing that some of the information wouldn’t even go through my head but my husband had a file and he had all information in there. He knew exactly what medication they would be giving me during chemo and he knew exactly what the side-effects were. So he was my support system and so was my niece. And then she sent me some links and then as I got better and I started reading a lot. And you know, one of the things they’re saying is that exercise and diet are the key things too but I did all that even before cancer.

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