Physical activity and diet changes


No I didn’t do any complimentary treatment, but if there was one thing that I knew I had control over it was what I ate and so like I said, I completely cut alcohol. They said that we were allowed to, according to the chemotherapy guidelines of what you can and cannot do. It said that I could have some, if I wanted to have one drink. I could have wine and all that but I didn’t see the point to it. I wanted to really try to keep my body as clean as possible knowing that it was about to be intoxicated with chemotherapy. So I tried to do my best to change my diet, I tried to cut off sugar almost completely. I ate a lot of greens, that was suggested, and I did juicing a lot, just to get extra nutrients and vitamins over my meals and stuff. I just wanted to try to have a really healthy diet during treatment and as always, but even more.

Interviewer: But you managed to make those changes during your treatment because some women find that pretty hard to do?

Exactly but like I said, I live at home and my parents and my family were extremely supportive. I started off juicing myself but the times that I was extremely weak, I woke up every morning and I had a juice ready for me, from my dad or my aunt, who actually lives with me. Like I told you, we’re a very big family, so, a lot of people would think that that’s a hard thing to be so many in one house, but like, in my case it, was pretty lifesaving.

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