Preserving fertility – Nalie


Nalie described her experience of Lupron and explained why she wanted to go through this procedure despite its unpleasant side effects.


I had to purposely take Lupron shots to protect my fertility because I found out that when doing chemotherapy you can become infertile. To me having children of my own in the future is a huge, huge importance in my life. I also ended up freezing my eggs prior to doing chemotherapy and not only did I freeze my eggs I agreed to take Lupron injections which put you under menopause. So their theory in the reproductive centre is that they say that if you’re not producing any eggs then there’s less of a chance of the chemotherapy harming them.

So I was under menopause at the age of 24 or 25. I was going through menopause with the hot flashes, and all of that on top of chemotherapy symptoms and side-effects. But I wanted to do it,  I thought it was important for me to know that I did whatever it took to protect my fertility. So being in menopause your body changes as well, so that’s one thing I had to go through physically, that was challenging.

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