Coping strategies – Patricia


Patricia had returned to her church prior to her diagnosis. This decision proved to be helpful in dealing with her illness.


I had been away from the church for a long time. I’m a Catholic, Roman Catholic, and I had just decided a few months before that that I wanted to go back to church and I did. I have since discussed that with the man who was my pastor. Not long after that I went to a church near here, and then one even nearer after… which I didn’t know about, I didn’t know about the one I’m at now. He was the pastor there at the time. He has since been transferred to Toronto but has remained a good friend whose guidance I value. He said to me, I call that sort of thing small miracles, when you go… when… I didn’t…so I didn’t go back to church because I was diagnosed with cancer, I went back before and then I was diagnosed with cancer. And somehow there was a certain amount of strength included in that after I was diagnosed. I think faith helps people a great deal.

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