Endocrine (hormone) therapy


You know, I’m not depressed. I don’t feel depressed but it’s interesting that when I first started feeling that there probably was something going wrong I’d be sitting and I’d all of a sudden just start to weep. Not just crying, but weeping and I thought this is just odd and feeling a bit, what you’d call, down. So I looked a little more carefully at the side effects of both tamoxifen and Evista (raloxifene) and sure enough there it was. And then I checked sites that will give you the adverse effects. Actually the Canadian Government has a very, very good website where they list adverse drug effects. So if you have had an adverse effect or you’re concerned about this, it might be one you can go and put the name of the drug in and it will tell you if they have had these reported to them by physicians all across the country. And so I looked on the sites where there were adverse drug effects listed for both tamoxifen and Evista and sure enough women described this weeping sort of thing and feeling down so that was when I knew that that’s what it was from because I’m not that sort of person. I’ve never really had a depression.


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