Radiation therapy


It does, yeah it does and they know it’s a long-term effect. Oncologists know it’s a long-term effect. Researchers are now really looking into it. We’ve discussed this quite often on the Symptom Management Committees for Cancer Care Ontario and that’s a huge topic right now for long-term survivors. Why do I still have this? To be tired is one thing, you know you’re tired, you get some sleep, you get up the next day, you’re fine or maybe 2 days, but to be fatigued is to just not have energy. I was talking about it to my oncologist yesterday and I said to him, “It’s like if somebody calls you and says you have to get out, the building’s burning down.” You want to say to them, “Let me know when it’s closer.” You know that sort of thing. It’s just, you don’t want to move, you do not want to move and physically you feel like you cannot move. Whereas if I’m tired, I’ll still go to the gym. If I’m fatigued I cannot go to the gym.


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