How it affects family and friends


I think it’s changed our relationship. I never had to depend on someone as much as I did and that was hard. He did it wholeheartedly. He did all the running after my daughter, the cleaning of the house, the cooking and so I think in some ways it strengthened our relationship. Having talked to some other women and actually one woman’s husband sometimes they find it can put distance between people but we were very fortunate and (name husband) was home with me the whole time that I was in treatment. I think that made a big difference, I never felt like I was on my own or alone. There was always someone in the house. Sometimes it was nice to have an hour to myself.

Interviewer: And he was able to arrange that with work?

He’s a consultant. I do think that made a big difference because having talked to some of the women at the support group, I think isolation was an issue as well. I felt fortunate that he was home with me and my mom and dad live close by. My close friends were great they still included me in and would invite me to participate in things I would have done before. If I couldn’t go that was fine and if I could they did. That was really nice.

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