Selected Topics on Breast Cancer

Canadian Collaboration on Breast Reconstruction

Discover your options for breast reconstruction through explanations and diagrams. This website also provides an easy way to find surgeons in your area, as well as information on when you should be looking to start scheduling appointments with your surgeon.

Fertile Future – (national except QC)

Fertile-Future is a Canadian national non-profit organization that provides fertility preservation information and support services to cancer patients. Their goal is to inform, educate and support cancer patients who will be receiving fertility-risking treatment, and to help with the costs of fertility preservation in provinces where this service is not covered. A list of fertility clinics are also available by province.

Goldilocks Mastectomy

The Goldilocks Mastectomy website provides information about a relatively new breast reconstruction option. Scroll to the bottom and download the ‘additional information’ file for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Understanding your diagnosis

The website provides a guideline to understanding your diagnosis with a booklet that can be printed out and filled in after doctor’s visits.

Waiting times

A report created by the Canadian Breast Cancer Network giving more information about the guidelines for waiting times when a lump is found.

Talking to children about cancer

An informative website made for educators and health care professionals that serves as a guide to support children and teens when a family member has cancer.