Positive effects on self


So I had to learn to open up over the course of 16 chemo treatments to let other people in. It wasn’t just me fighting the cancer, it was me and my family; it was our friends, it was relatives, it was friends of friends, people who wanted to reach out and help.

Another area that I had to really open up was letting people to help me outside of sitting and helping me get to and from chemo. You take a pride in your family and being able to look after them and provide for them and when your world gets shaken up and you’re unable, physically unable, to do some of the things that you could do people want to help. They just don’t know how. And they’re afraid to ask and they might want to stay away. We started a family blog because so many people wanted to call or have us e-mail them and we thought how are we going to manage this?

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