Testing and diagnosis – Shelley


Shelley asked for another test when her test came back benign.


So once that initial shock was over the next was the biopsy. The Breast Cancer Clinic phoned almost immediately to have the biopsy. During that biopsy, the doctor was having a hard time locating the lump it was so small. I believe once the autopsy (results) came in it was 1.2 cm and that initial biopsy came back benign. But what I knew was that as time was going on, and once it was confirmed that the sensation, that tingling that I had when I was doing Reiki, that initially kind of started this conversation, it started to become a burn. I never did feel a lump but I always had a burn or an itch on my right breast and it just seemed to intensify with every week as we were waiting and coming up to this. So when the biopsy came back benign I had said that to the doctor that I should be happy. I remember saying to her I should be happy. I’m not happy. (Added by Shelley after the interview: The radiologist who performed the biopsy also indicated she didn’t think she located the lump because it was hard to locate. She strongly suggested I ask for more tests too.)

Because she said Merry Christmas, Happy New Year it’s benign and I said hmm something is wrong and I listened to my body and I said that to her. I said, “I need something more,” and she did thankfully book me in for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)* which happened about 2 weeks later and that did confirm ductal carcinoma throughout my breast and one invasive carcinoma, ductal carcinoma that resulted in a recommended mastectomy; and another biopsy, which they pinpointed right away when I went in for the second biopsy.

  • * MRI: Imaging test that creates a 3-dimensional picture of the body’s internal structures using magnetic force and radio frequencies.

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