Chemotherapy – Susanne


Susanne felt comfortable in a welcoming and cozy environment for her chemo.


Oh going to (city in BC) was so hard. The chemo itself, preparing for that, having a sense of humour about it. Our old hospital had a very small chemo department. It was an old hospital room with the 4 beds that they transformed and it was pretty full of storage shelves but did they ever make it cozy. Because as soon as I walked in, they’d go pat the chair and say here’s your chair for you, they’d have a blanket and pillow on there and they’re heating pad thing. They said “have a seat in your chair and heat up your veins.” It was like so… we always joked about that. It was like “Come and sit in your chair and heat up your veins.” with just the pad around to warm up your veins so they can put the needles in easier. And the first time there like, there’s a local company made a bunch of blankets, pink for the women, blue for the men. So I got this blanket and the nurse covered me with it right away. That was so special. You could recline it just get comfy but the conversations were so laid back. People would come in, the administration office was down the same wing and they’d stop in and talk and say “Hi” or bring flowers or goodies or cookies and stuff and it was really kind of neat.

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